J’ai frappé à la porte de ma conscience, le souffle avait tout emporté avec lui laissant le vide et seulement une parti de mon inconscient…

Artist Statement

Adlane Samet defines himself as a painter of instinctive moments. His art (painting and drawing) shows affinities with the free figuration and Art Brut movements. Structured by an incisive, sometimes sensitive but at other times aggressive stroke, Adlane paints in acrylics but makes room for the purity of the medium with its transparency and  bright colors variations. He has borrowed heavily from children’s composition and graphic gesture to develop a new visual language, which breaks off with the exhausted codes of academic realism.

Adlane Samet conceives his painting as free and spontaneous where gesture is beyond thought. With a sense of poetry and mystery, he offers to accompany us in his own universe.

“Je vois mon travail comme une sorte de néon, où se conjugue mon esprit et le reste du monde parallèle, un monde fait d’imaginaire et de rêve et aussi un monde de mythe où les anges et les démons bataillent pour la sérénité de l’âme, cette âme d’enfant que j’essaye de retrouver, une âme perdu seule dans les décombres du chaos. Je peins des états d’âme.

Au fur et à mesure de l’avancement d’une peinture, un dialogue se crée entre la toile et moi, un dialogue où la peinture m’interroge me questionne sur le monde, un monde malade qui à besoin de guérir, cette maladie est contagieuse construite sur des faits réels de notre société actuelle. Une réponse était impérative, elle fut brutale et spontanée, d’une gestuelle tremblante donnant un nouveau souffle, aiguisée et tranchant, le geste avait dépassé la pensée.
J’ai frappé à la porte de ma conscience, le souffle avait tout emporté avec lui laissant le vide et seulement une parti de mon inconscient…
-il y a quelqu’un ?
J’ai jeté un coup d’œil à mon cerveau puis à mon esprit, je n’ai trouvé personne.”

Adlane Samet



Art 3f Toulouse 15-17 Feb 2019

Open to galleries and artists, the art3f concept, favouring a direct connection between new European creation and art lovers, is widely supported by the public. Drawing on its experience of organising international modern art fairs, art3f is firstly a private initiative, equipped with thorough knowledge of the art market.

By stirring things up, art3f is reinventing the very form art fairs take.

Art Madrid 27 Feb – 3 Mar 2019

Art Madrid celebrates its 14th edition from February 27th to March 3rd, 2019 in the Galería de Cristal of CentroCentro Cibeles, an unmissable event with contemporary art that every year has a greater international presence. This year will bring together about 50 galleries from 15 countries, and almost 200 artists who will bring a fresh and updated vision of the world art scene.

Throughout these years, Art Madrid has been the showcase of numerous galleries and artists of all disciplines (painting, sculpture, graphic work, photography, video art, installation…). The Fair defines itself as a proposal close to the public and the reality of the art world, aware of the future challenges and the positive impact of these initiatives.

Art Up! Lille 28Feb – 3Mar 2019

Grand Palais 28 Feb – 3 Mar

Foire d’art contemporain

100 galleries and publishers give you an appointment from the 28th february to the 3rd march 2019 at Lille for the 12th edition of Art Up! first contemporary art fair in Region.

Discover a selection of renowned and emerging artists and give in to heart stroke !

Affordable Art Fair Brussels 15 – 17 Mar  2019

The very first edition of the Affordable Art Fair launched in London’s Battersea Park in October 1999. 10,000 art lovers descended upon the fair to browse and buy 1000s of original contemporary paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints in a relaxed and friendly environment. We now welcome over 210,000 art enthusiasts each year to our fairs globally, where they can take their pick from a mix of local, national and international galleries showcasing a wide array of affordable artworks by established artists and rising stars.

Affordable Art Fair Brussels returns 15 – 17 March 2019 for its 11th edition. Browse an array of local, national and international galleries, showcasing 1000s of affordable contemporary artworks all priced between €60 – €6,000, to suit every space, taste and budget!


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